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Attention Outerwears Customers


Outerwears is looking for testers of prototypes we have developed. See prototype test below, click on a button to contact us.

Outerwears R&D department may occasionally need an air filter, radiator, r/c chassis, or shocks and springs for proto-typing performance parts!  We also may need your expertise in helping provide feedback on test parts!!
If you own one of the listed applications below and are willing to let us test a
protoype on, or borrow your application for a 2 to 3 week time frame, please
use the contact button and we will contact you at your convenience. In the
message box please list make, model, year, and any modifications that you
have made to your vehicle.  Anyone allowing Outerwears R&D department to
use their application will be compensated  with that Outerwears product for free
once it is prototyped. 
All shipping expenses will be paid by Outerwears.


      2008-2017 KAWASAKI KLX140 - WITH STOCK AIR FILTER 11013-0025
      2008-2017 KAWASAKI KLX140L - WITH STOCK AIR FILTER 11013-0025
      2017 KAWASAKI KLX140G - WITH STOCK AIR FILTER 11013-0025
      2017 KAWASAKI KX250F - WITH STOCK AIR FILTER 11013-0755
      2016-2017 KAWASAKI KX450F - WITH STOCK AIR FILTER 11013-0755

      2015-2017  POLARIS RZR 900 - LOOKING FOR K&N PL-8715 AIR FILTER


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